Interesting! Men Spending More On Their Attires And Accessories

| September 2 , 2017 , 18:09 IST

Wider cultural and lifestyle trends surrounding heightened male interest in fashion and personal style have led to an increased willingness amongst men to spend on their appearance. Men are showing greater interest in their appearance and retailers have also shifted their attention towards menswear. 

Sanjay Ghura, has come up with a new menswear label in the capital. Ghura launched his brand TZAR on Friday night. The USP of the brand is to express yourselves the best to the world at the work place and let everyone know what mood you're in, whether happy, trendy or confident. 

Within the fashion market, there has been a gradual growth in interest for male fashion. Here we have some trendy menswear style.

Men’s Street wears:

Slogan T-shirts: 


Men in Mankels:

Old school sneakers:

Wraparound jacket:

Unbuttoned shirts:

Stubble is the new beard:  

Talking about the evolution of menswear, Ghuran said that "the last five years or so have been some of the most revolutionary for men's fashion. Since the late 2000s, global conversations revolving around men’s ‘interest in clothing have mounted in popularity, leading industry professionals to address a fledgling but highly influential market that had been long overshadowed or straight up ignored in previous years.”

"I personally think it is a super exciting time. Guys are really well bred, well-versed, have an interest in fashion. I think there are a lot of great influences right now," he added.

"Formals have been adopted by mainstream designers and subverted by subcultures. Clothing has become more form-fitting and casual nowadays. Looking at this scenario, our's is a formal approach," he added.

Now, one can find a huge gap between the trends and growth of menswear due to increasing competition in the retail apparel market. The gaps are due to a different lifestyle and the shifts that are taking place on a regular basis. But it’s all due to the accessibility of fast fashion rates that are driving men's interest in the adoption of such trends.

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