Gucci, Dior Say NO To Size Zero! Ultra-Thin Models Banned From The Ramp

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| September 16 , 2017 , 19:52 IST

Ever since the trend of gaining a "perfect figure" has floated in the market, people have started their journey towards attaining the level of beauty as per the specified standards though that's about to change.

Young girls start dieting with the purpose of losing weight to the extent that they could be counted as the size-zero model material. Starving oneself to death just to attain a certain figure can be both unhealthy or physically irrelevant.

Many get the craving for such figure after watching models walking the ramp clad in the latest collection of International fashion brands. The longing to fit into those outfits is what force the normal sized women to lose weight.

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At the stake of their health and welfare, women start dieting leading to the development of eating disorders in their bodies. Over the past few years, the fashion industry has started paying attention to this epidemic-like trend.

In an eye-opener moment, it was reported by BBC that two of the most luxurious conglomerates in the world, LVMH and Kering that habitats the eminent fashion brands like Christian Dior, Loius Vuitton, Celine and Gucci have decided to ban the size-zero models from their fashion shows.

A few months back, the French government had banned the ultra-thin models from working in the country. Any model willing to work in the country was directed to be bigger than French size 32.

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Antoine Arnault, LVMH Board of Director said in the press release, "I am deeply committed to ensuring that the working relationship between LVMH Group brands, agencies and models goes beyond simply complying with the legal requirements."

"The well-being of models is of great importance to us. As the leader in the luxury sector, we believe it is our role to be at the forefront of this initiative. We have the responsibility of building new standards for fashion and we hope to be followed by other players in our sector," he added.

The decision is sure to change the face of the fashion industry for better. It will undoubtedly promote a better and healthy body image.