Bihar Board's Negligent System Provoked This Student To Have Suicidal Tendencies

| November 18 , 2017 , 15:22 IST

The marking system of Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) often makes headlines for the wrong reasons and this time is also nothing different. We have seen cases of students with no required knowledge topping the exams but the latest case is completely opposite.

The lazy attitude of the evaluators from Bihar Board cost a student his future when he was awarded only 2 marks in Hindi despite scoring 79 marks in the subject. A 10th class student Dhananjay Kumar was declared failed by the Board in finals which shattered him.

With a dream of cracking the prestigious IIT exams, Dhananjay studied hard for his board exams but the unexpected result left him having suicidal tendencies. His family helped in bringing him out of the dark phase and urged him to file for an RTI.

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The investigation then revealed that his actual score was 79 and not 2. While talking to ANI, Kumar disclosed how the wrong result destroyed his future. He said, "I wanted to become an IITian. My dreams are shattered now. I wanted to commit suicide but my family helped me."

Dhananjay's brother enforced that his family has been running to the authorities for the past 6 months and only now, they have got the results. He said, "As per RTI, my brother scored 84.2%, 421 marks out of 500. Earlier, they gave him 2 numbers in Hindi instead of 79, reducing total marks to 344. He is declared failed.."

This is not the first time that Bihar Board was held accountable for such mistake. Last month, an investigation revealed that a student who scored 80 marks in Sanskrit and 61 in Science was awarded 9 and 29 in the subjects respectively. Post-revelation, the Board has penalised Rs 5 lakh.