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As Delhi Smog Worsens, United Airlines Cancels All Flights To India's Capital

| November 12 , 2017 , 11:28 IST

The blanket of toxic smog smothering India's capital Delhi and the surrounding areas continues on its 5th day, in a state described as a 'health emergency'. While locals attempt to combat the smog, international airlines 'United Airlines' has blocked all flights to, from, and connecting to Delhi, citing the air quality.

“United has temporarily suspended our Newark-Delhi flights due to poor air quality concerns in Delhi and currently has waiver policies in place for customers who are traveling to, from or through Delhi,” said the company in an email.

“We are monitoring advisories as the region remains under a public health emergency, and are coordinating with respective government agencies,” it added.

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The flight cancellations are in place until Monday, although they may be increased for a longer period of time.

Meanwhile, the air quality in the Delhi-NCR continues to range in toxic levels, with smog 10 times worse than that of Beijing, which is considered to have the worst air pollution in the world. Some areas of Delhi have been noted to have pollution 40 times the safe level recommended by the World Health Organisation.

In view of the air pollution, primary schools have been shut down, construction projects have been halted and frequency of the metro has been increased.

Although the air quality in Delhi is generally poor, it worsened further with the crop stubble burning from nearby states of Punjab and Haryana.