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Mid-Flight Discovery Of infidelity Diverts Doha-Bali Plane To Chennai

| November 7 , 2017 , 14:07 IST

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. It gets even worse if cheated upon. On November 5, a Qatar Airways flight QR-962 flying from Doha to Bali had to be diverted to Chennai because of an irate passenger who just discovered that her husband had been cheating on her.

As per reports, an Iranian passenger aboard the flight discovered from her husband’s phone that he was having an affair and resorted to unruly behaviour. The passenger unlocked her husband’s phone using his thumb impression while he was asleep and discovered that the husband was cheating on him. The couple was headed to Bali for a vacation along with their child.

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News reports quoting CISF officials state that the Qatar Airways flight QR-962 (Doha-Bali) was diverted to Chennai on Sunday morning. The woman and her husband along with their child were offloaded and the flight departed for Bali.

The passenger had unlocked the phone of her sleeping husband using his thumb impression and learnt about his infidelity. She immediately lost calm and refused to be pacified despite the flight crew’s attempts to do so. The woman got into a fight with her husband and also misbehaved with the cabin crew who tried to pacify her. The Pilot decided to divert the plane to Chennai as the situation was going out of hand.

The family, who boarded the flight in Doha, did not have Indian visas and were therefore kept in the detention centre. As the woman was in an inebriated condition, authorities at Chennai decided to keep the family at the airport till she got sober. The family spent the day at Chennai airport and was sent to Kuala Lumpur by a Batik Air flight at 10:30 pm the same day without any police action.