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Fight The Rising Pollution With These Respiratory Masks, Buy One Now!

| November 12 , 2017 , 19:38 IST

The national capital is engulfed in the blanket of smog which is causing health damages. The Delhiites are currently facing the horrible circumstances of stingy eye burns, dry coughing and unbearable headaches.

Even a person sitting inside his home is not safe from this ever-rising pollution level and requires an air purifier then how can the one outside be out of danger? While trying to safeguard themselves, many are resorting to face masks, which is a good option to block out the polluted air.

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However, it is important to understand, you don't need a surgical mask but a pollution mask, which can be easily found online. These respiratory masks allow the users to breathe freely with only a little amount of particulate matter to pass through.

N95 masks

These respiratory devices are the most efficient pollution masks. Apart from being cost-effective, the breathing valves allow the user to breathe freely without allowing the particulate matter to pass through. N95 certified masks especially pass specific filtration tests to serve the purpose systematically.

N99 masks

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Masks are little tilted towards the pricey end with each of them costing about Rs 1500 and more but sport military grade filters which company claims to remove 99 percent of particles. The carbon fibre layer filters out the bad odours and blocks the bacteria and viruses.


The masks work on the similar lines of Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Masks and are N99 certified with the high price rates but are easily available at the offline stores in Delhi. The masks are usable for the maximum of six months and are easily washable with water.


The respiratory devices are little cheaper than the N95 and N99 masks but guarantee protection. Even if not as effective as the above options, the 3M masks provide comfort to the user while breathing. Honeywell masks also come under the same category with similar features as offered by 3M.

Respro Techno

The pollution mask is handy and suitable to be worn while doing an outdoor activity. Most suitable for the fitness-minded people, the mask has an adjustable nose fitting along with dual valves. The sporty looking face gear might be a little expensive but highly recommended by the experts.


Apart from the unique design, the mask easily gets moulded with your facing with the help of warm water. After connecting with the skin, the mask becomes transparent. The white coloured filters allow the users to ascertain the perfect time to change it when filled with polluting particles.

The most effective masks are evidently a little expensive and might cause a dent in your pocket but will save from health from deteriorating, nonetheless. Check out the prices of various Pollution masks here:

3M 8210 - Rs. 93

Honeywell H801 - Rs. 449 (for 3)

3M Aura - Rs. 249

Dettol Siti Shield Protect Plus - Rs. 249

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge - Rs. 1,599

Vogmask - Rs. 2,000

Respro Techno - Rs. 2,999

Totobobo - Rs. 5,351