Income Tax Department Recovers Rs 22 Lakh From Yogendra Yadav Relatives' Hospitals Group

| July 12 , 2018 , 11:26 IST

The Income-tax Department on Wednesday raided Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav sister’s hospital group in Haryana’s Rewari and seized Rs 22 lakh in cash. 

The raid came after it was detected that they allegedly made the cash payments to Nirav Modi to purchase jewellery. The tax department raided the Kalawati hospital and Kamla Nursing home and the residence of Dr. Gautam Yadav.

Dr. Gautam Yadav is the nephew of Yogendra Yadav and son of his sister Dr. Neelam Yadav.

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“A total of three premises are being searched by the ITD sleuths from the investigation wing of Haryana. A team of about 40 tax officials and a contingent of police personnel executed the action,” a senior official said.

The official said the action was carried out on the basis of the information provided by the Nirav Modi group. It was found out that Gautam Yadav made the payment of Rs 3.25 lakh out of total amount Rs 6.50 lakh.

The Tax Department also carried out the search operation at Dr. Narender Singh Yadav residence and recovered Rs 22 lakh in cash.

Yadav claimed that the raids were conducted to silence him as he opposing liquor shops in Rewari and launched an agitation movement in the favour of farmers of the country.

Yadav in a series of tweets on Wednesday said, “Modi regime now targets my family. Two days after my 9-day padayatra in Rewari and launching of agitation for MSP and against liquor thekas, a massive IT raid is on at the hospital cum nursing home of my sisters in Rewari. Search for me, my home, why target my family?


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Yogendra Yadav was with best party in world AAP but he could not digest the rising of kejriwal. He created his own party and became team B of bjp to cut vote of AAP. Now facing music from corrupt BJP. Jaise karoge voaisha milega bhai.