Kejriwal Slams Rabia Public School For Keeping 16 Kindergarten School Girls Confined In Basement

| July 12 , 2018 , 12:38 IST

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday visited the Rabia Public School which has been accused of keeping 16 kindergarten school girls confined in the basement without fans and water on July 9, as 'punishment' for their respective parents not paying their school fees.

During the meeting with Rabia Public School principal Naheed Usmani, CM Kejriwal emphasised the importance of education for the government and that such treatment meted out to children was not right.

"Both Delhi government and Police will take action. This kind of a thing will not be tolerated in future," CM Kejriwal said to Usmani.

Accompanying CM Kejriwal to Rabia Public School was Deputy CM and Education minister Manish Sisodia, and both had interactions with the children as well.

The Delhi CM had ordered a report on the incident at Rabea Girls' Public School on Wednesday itself when the news came out, before personally visiting the school in Chandni Chowk on Thursday.

The Rabea Girls' Public School allegedly locked up the 16 girls in the basement of its premises denying them water and forcing them to be confined in the heat of the basement.

Police on Tuesday registered a case under the Rabea Girls' Public School for allegedly illegally confining students in the basement of the premises for defaulting in payment of school fees.

"16 children were allegedly locked in the basement of the school. The parents alleged that the children who punished for non-clearance of fees. We have registered a case under section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act. We are investigating the matter," police said to ANI.

Multiple parents reported that their wards were kept in the basement despite having paid the school fees.