Hilarious! Cricket Umpire's Worth-Watching Dancing Video On Field Goes Viral

| November 29 , 2017 , 19:12 IST

Have you ever imagined a cricket umpire declaring the results or making decisions while dancing? Well, that's about to change the video that's currently going viral. Our perception of the man who makes simple hand gestures during cricket matches will take a U-turn with the hilarious clip.

The video showcases an umpire officiating a local match while dancing like a legend in middle of the ongoing match. The video was recorded in 2016 but recently caught public eyes after Indian cricket team's star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja shared a snippet of the video on Instagram.

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Despite being not selected for the one-day series against Sri Lanka, Jadeja is making headlines for sharing the hilarious video which has sent his followers ROFLing. People were so amused while watching the umpire is dancing on various tunes of Bollywood songs that they can't stop laughing.

Jadeja is one of the people who was left in slits after watching the video and his caption proves the same. Along with the video, he wrote, "Elite panel umpire omg can't stop laughing". Many amused fans were left awe-struck with the umpire's enthusiasm and demanded similar ones for International matches.


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Ravindra's post has been watched more than 4 lakh times. The player is currently high on the success for achieving number 2 position in the latest ICC Test rankings for the bowlers. Jadeja is currently playing for Indian team against Sri Lanka in the Test series and is still working to make a comeback in the limited overs match.

Watch the amusing video here: