#NotShaadiMaterial: These Questions Will Force You To Redefine Age-Old Wedding Norms

| November 13 , 2017 , 17:37 IST

Indian parents generally set certain standards for their lovely daughters from a very young age which are expected to be met. If not, the girls become a disgrace to their families overnight. Despite the developing economy, is the nation actually growing in reality?

Do you weigh a girl's value on the basis of certain age-old norms which were set some thousands of years ago? Do you care if a girl knows how to make round chapattis or if they indulge in religious practice or if can or cannot wear a saree?

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More so, a girl is expected to keep mum whenever something wrong is happening in front of her eyes just for the sake of showing "respect" to her elders. Is that justified? Shall we allow these stereotypes to decide if we are marriage material or not?

A number of Twitter users decided to come together and establish what are their "flaws" which make them #NotShaadiMaterial. Check out the interesting reaction here: