Most Wanted French Criminal Redoine Faid Manages Filmy Prison Break

| July 2 , 2018 , 16:35 IST

Notorious French Gangster Redoine Faid escaped the Reau prison in France on Sunday. He managed an escape when a helicopter landed in the prison premises and carried him away from the visiting room

Redoine Faid broke out of the prison near Paris with the help of two accomplices who used smoke bombs and angle grinders to make their way into the facility's visiting room where Faid was talking to a brother, who was later taken into custody.

According to media reports, the helicopter was hijacked from a flight instructor. It landed at around 9:15 am in the prison yard. The two black-clad men who armed with assault rifles set off smoke bombs before breaking into the prison's visitation room. The unarmed prison wardens first fled to safety and then raised the alarm. The helicopter was later found in a northeastern suburb of Paris about 60 kilometres away from the prison.

It was the second escape by Redoine Faid, who previously blasted his way out of a different prison with explosives hidden in tissue packs in 2013. Faid was arrested six weeks post his previous break-away. He was arrested from a hotel.

French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet, who arrived at the prison in Réau on Sunday evening, told the local media that the commandos most likely used drones to survey the location; he added that an inquiry is underway to get clear facts on the same.

Faid has been behind bars since mid-2011 for breaking the terms of his parole over past convictions for bank robberies and brazen heists of cash.  

At a Paris film festival in April 2009, Faid had approached Michael Mann who is the director of the 1995 gangster film Heat starring Al Pacino and Robert Niro. He then told Mann, "You were my technical adviser."